Will NYC’s New Employment Discrimination Bill Restrict Casting “In the Heights”?

As recounted by my colleagues Jill Kahn Marshall and Anna Beckelman in their recent article, on May 11, 2023, the New York City Council passed a bill that prohibits discrimination in employment, housing, and access to public accommodation on the basis of someone’s actual or perceived height or weight. By adding height and weight as protected classes, theContinue reading “Will NYC’s New Employment Discrimination Bill Restrict Casting “In the Heights”?”

What Comes Next?

As Broadway Grapples with Reopening and Bringing in PatronsSome Shows Also Confront Lawsuits from Actors Alleging Discrimination and Termination Due to Protected Classes Including Religion and Gender While Broadway is up and running, and trying to stay that way despite lacking tourists, new variants of Covid, and the financial challenges to Broadway recoupment present even inContinue reading “What Comes Next?”