No More Empty Chairs at Empty Tables: My Interview on ABC News

Recently, I was interviewed by Sandy Kenyon of ABC News on theater and comedy club COVID-19 restrictions and allowances under New York City law, a portion of which was broadcast on ABC-7Eyewitness News” on Friday, April 2nd. After being required to close at the beginning of the pandemic nearly this time last year, in line with the New York State guidelines discussed in my prior post But Only For Now: Broadway Reopens NYC arts and entertainment venues have begun hosting guests with limited capacity and other safety protocols in place.

Among the most anticipated locales to offer space to those who can no longer wait to enjoy the city’s typically thriving performance arts scene are comedy clubs, which are more easily able to adhere to new guidelines and still turn profits as compared with other venues, including Broadway. As I discussed in my interview, “comedy clubs don’t require the same amount of people to run the show. We can have one performer. We can have a handful of performers, and we can have audience members who are spaced out around the club.”

Click here to catch my interview at the 1:40 mark of the video.

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